Now- new and improved!

"Trust Me" is a Soverel 33 based in Marina Del Rey, CA. We race in Southern California regattas and series with the goals of:
    1) having fun;
    2) becoming better sailors; and
    3) having fun.
If that fits with your goals as well, regardless of your experience level (we will teach those wanting to learn), look us up and get ready to sail.

A bit about the boat:
A 33 foot Ultra Light Displacement Boat (ULDB) with a PHRF rating of 87, has been likened to "The sailing equivalent of a bored out Corvette." (Practical Sailor)


"It's my favorite design. Good looks. High performance. No compromise to rules. The rig is as large as the boat can carry. The hull is as light as we can make it strong. The interior is attractive and functional."   Mark Soverel , S-33 Designer

YouTube - Trust Me sailing(video)

For more info, check out the Soverel 33 Class Association website.