Somebody has to do this stuff:

  • Helm / Skipper
  • Tactician
  • Maintrimmer
  • Port Trimmer
  • Starboard Trimmer
  • Pit
  • Mast
  • Bow (Foredeck)

The usual suspects:


Duncan Cameron
All around busybody.  Sandwiches, helm, foredeck, equipment manager.

Paula Cameron

The voice of reason.  Only one who notices impending doom.  Pit, navigator, helm, snacktician, accounts payable.

Mike George

The voice of wisdom.  Has more death and dismemberment stories than anybody.

Tim Clarke

The best spinnaker trimmer in the world. Brilliant!

Roland Vollman

The channel master. He puts out.

Kevin Harrigan

Can see the invisible wind.  Balls of steel.

Kenny Dair

All around bad ass sailor.  Nothing can surprise this guy any more.

Clint Markham

Junk food purveyor, engineer, video marketer.  Foredeck, mast, squirrel, Funyums.

Scott Henderson
Death-defying feats of balance and courage. Foredeck, trimmer, human bow fender, dad, fidmeister, fraculator.

Peter Odebjer
International man of mystery.  Helm, main trim, mast, foredeck, trusted friend.

1974-2007.  We miss you.

Olena Vasylevska

Ukrainian wonder woman, international seeker of adventure.  Foredeck, mast.

Doug Dickinson
All around raconteur. God only knows what he is capable of.  Trimmer, helm, foredeck, feng shui.

Jim Ashton
Ship's physician, maintains the health, welfare and fluid levels of the crew.  Trimmer, helm, railmeat, blood donor.

1955-2011. We miss you.