Announcing: Trust Me Racing School.  Personalized instruction on all aspects of crewing on a race boat: foredeck, mast, pit, genoa trim, mainsail trim, running backstays, helm, tactician.  ASA certified instructor.  Leave a message on the message board if you would like to know more. 


Basics of Sailboat Racing

The best way to learn is to get out and do it, preferably for 20 years or so. However, we need some sort of shortcut, so I've written a short description that you can download by clicking on the Basics of Sailboat Racing link on the left. Most books and articles are too jargon filled or otherwise incomprehensible to be useful. The goal is to have each person understand at least their job, anticipate when and why things happen, and be able to usefully prioritize tasks. Hopefully, this will help.
Here are links to some good on-line resources. If you know of a good site for sailing info, please post it on our message board and we'll add it to the list.

BowmansUnion SailHead Magazine Extreme Sailing™
Good info for those who are considering learning how to operate on the foredeck.
Sailing World - From the Experts

Good descriptions of trim principles.

Yacht Racer's Resource Center

Crew recruiting source, as well as discussion board.


Sailing Anarchy

Interesting site.
North Sails Fast Course Online
Cool interactive sail shape thing.
Sometimes a few helpful suggestions are appreciated.